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‘I am not afraid’: Sharad Kelkar shares his stories and shares his optimism

‘I am not afraid’: Sharad Kelkar shares his stories and shares his optimism

Sharad kelakar, a well-known Hindi actor, is one of the top Hindi actors of the country.

He is currently starring in the movie ‘Kathakali’ which is being released in theatres across India.

In his first interview, Sharad spoke about his experiences on the set of ‘Katha’ as well as his love for cinema.

He shared his experience with the actor of the Hindi film ‘Kata De Thaadi’ who plays the title role in the film.

The film has been hailed by the critics for its unique script and performances.

“I was not afraid to speak about my past experiences and my dreams for my future.

I hope that people see me as an actor who has taken risks and worked hard,” Sharad said.”

If I was to be cast in another film or if I could be a director again, I would like to have the same career path I have now.

I am not worried about my career but about the future.”

Sharad said his dreams for the future are the same as his dreams to be an actor.

He also shared his hope for his future, saying he has an idea of what his next goal is.

“If I am able to be a great actor, then my dream is to be able to have a role in a movie or TV show.”

He also said that he wants to work with his friends to share his experiences.

Sharad has been the subject of a lot of criticism for his films ‘Kathy’ and ‘Punjabi’.

The film ‘Pujabi’ was accused of being racist and was also banned in India.

The actor had even asked the censor board to remove ‘Puram’ from the screens of theatres.

Sharadyesh has been nominated for multiple awards including a Golden Globe Award for ‘Kattu’ for his role in ‘Khatte Hai Marath’ which won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sharadi also shared some of his life stories and talked about the challenges he faced.

He spoke about how he got the idea to play a role and how he found his way to being the lead in the Indian movie ‘Dhikara’, about the relationship between an elderly woman and her son.

He talked about how, as a young man, he had a dream of being an actor and how the dreams changed when he got to know his mother and brother.

He told his story about how his father passed away in his 70s.

Sharadh kelker has also been a frequent participant in various events.

In 2014, he participated in the ‘Kashmiri People’s Day’ and had a talk with the media.

He was also invited to attend the Khatme Hai Maratha march in 2015.

In 2016, Sharadyesh participated in a ‘Karat’ rally in Jammu.

He has also participated in various social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

He participated in ‘I Am Indian Day’ in 2017 and ‘Karthik Mahotsav’ in 2018.