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How to share photos and videos with iPhone and iPad users via a shared screen on iPhone and Android smartphones

How to share photos and videos with iPhone and iPad users via a shared screen on iPhone and Android smartphones

Share Share iphonix, the makers of a powerful iOS device for people who want to share their photos and video files with others, is testing a feature that will let you share photos from your phone to your tablet using the same screen.

The feature, called “Screen Sharing,” is coming in iOS 10.3, the latest update to Apple’s operating system, and will let people share photos, videos and music with others on your phone or tablet.

The company says it is not a replacement for apps like Flickr, iPhoto, iMovie, QuickTime or the popular Share sheet app that allows you to share images and video to other iOS devices, but it will allow users to share directly from their phones to other devices like tablets, smartphones and PCs.

This is a very important development, says John Lutz, senior vice president of marketing for Phonix.

“With the new iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices, we will be able to bring a lot more value to the people who have the most of their data,” Lutz says.

The new feature will also allow users with multiple iPhones to share one photo on each device, or more than one.

The idea is that people with multiple phones can be able take one photo, then share the other photos from the shared photo to their devices, for example.

For now, Phonaxi is only testing the feature on iPhones, but Lutz hopes that it will soon be available on other iOS platforms.

“The goal is to bring it to all of the devices, whether it’s a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or any of the other platforms,” he says.

For users with iOS 10, Phatixi is also making an update that adds a new photo and video sharing feature that allows people to easily share videos to their phones from the same photo or video.

Lutz says that the company is also working on a new app that will allow you to send and receive video and audio messages directly from your iPhone, tablet, smartphone or PC.

This feature is one of the first times that the feature has been rolled out to other platforms.

And in the future, it is expected that this feature will be expanded to other mobile platforms as well.

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