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How to use your stock-picking skills to earn a fractional share of your retirement fund

How to use your stock-picking skills to earn a fractional share of your retirement fund

Robinsons is one of the most popular retirement funds in the world.

Now, the retirement company is giving its investors an even more unique opportunity to pick up shares of the company in the form of dividends.

The new plan, which will be announced this week, will allow investors to receive about 15 percent of the value of their investment in retirement funds.

“It will help you diversify your investment portfolio, and it will allow you to earn dividend income,” Robinsson CEO Mark Clements told reporters at a conference on Friday.

“You don’t have to have a retirement account to be able to take advantage of this.”

Investors will be able buy into the Robinson dividend plan through the company’s 401(k) accounts, but the plan will only be available to employees who already have a Roth 401(m).

The plan’s first installment will be worth about $100 million, according to Robinsmans’ website.

“This is a big opportunity for our workers and our community, and we are very excited to be making it available to all Robinsners who are currently members of our 401(s),” Clements said.

Robinsonds shares have surged more than 80 percent in the past year, making it one of America’s most valuable stocks.

That has also helped it become a popular investment.

Investors can buy Robinsocks shares for about $0.05 a share.

It’s also possible to purchase shares with cash.

The Robinsoon dividend is one part of a broader plan to offer dividend-paying options for all employees.

It also includes a new program that will reward Robinstons employees for their contributions to the company.

For example, employees who buy Robinson stock and earn at least 1 percent a year in dividends will earn at a rate of 20 percent a share after a year.

Robinons also plans to offer employees an option to buy Robinos shares with the company stock at a higher price than other employees who invest in the company, though the company says the plan is still in its early stages.

The company has not released its quarterly earnings, but Clements hinted that the earnings will be in line with expectations.

The announcement comes just weeks after the company announced that it would offer a one-time cash payment of $15 million to employees in 2017.

The payout is a significant amount for an employee who is working just 10 hours a week.

“We are going to reward them with that cash,” Clements added.

“They have an obligation to work hard for their money.”

Robinsont shares closed at $27.40 on Friday, up about 12 cents.