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How to share your Twitter password with Sharad Pawar

How to share your Twitter password with Sharad Pawar

The New York Yankees catcher and sharad pawerar are not exactly known for sharing passwords.

In fact, the New York Post reported that pawar’s Twitter password is “sharador.”

The New York Times’ John Clayton writes that pawerars tweets are “a series of questions, a series of clues, and a series in which he is not necessarily looking for answers.”

The tweets often come in the form of random, meaningless words and images that often include an emoji, which has the effect of providing a password to someone who doesn’t know the password.

Pawar has posted a series on his Twitter page over the past couple of years.

One of the most recent tweets came in October 2016, when he wrote, “This is the only way to share a password.

It can’t be guessed.”

The password he tweeted in October was the password for his Twitter account, so it’s not as if he was actually trying to crack the code.

The account he used to tweet the password had been inactive for almost a year.

The tweets come with a catch: They have to be posted within 72 hours of a password being shared, or they are deleted.

Pawar has since deleted the tweets and the account.