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How to share videos on WhatsApp and Facebook

How to share videos on WhatsApp and Facebook

Share video on WhatsApp.

You can also share videos by using your WhatsApp account or Facebook account.

Once you share a video on Facebook, you can see that video and add comments.

If you’re on WhatsApp, you have a lot of options when it comes to sharing videos on your profile.

When you post a video, you’re only limited to a certain number of friends that you can send the video to.

But, there are a lot more options if you want to share your videos with the whole world.

For example, you could post a short video in the style of a blog post or post a long video.

Or, you might post a longer video.

If you post videos to Facebook, there’s a small set of options.

Here’s a look at what you can do. 1.

Hide the video from your friends.

In the WhatsApp app, you may hide the video for a few seconds before sharing it.

This is called a ‘pinning’ feature and it’s used when you want your friends to see the video in order to see if they want to see it.2.

Hide your own video.

If you have more than 100 friends, you will only see videos that you’ve shared to your own channel.3.

Share to the whole network.

If your friends are using Facebook, WhatsApp and other apps, you’ll be able to share to all of your friends and not just to yourself.4.

Share multiple videos at once.

WhatsApp has added a feature to its mobile apps where you can share multiple videos on one screen.

To share multiple clips, you just need to select one of them.

There’s no need to tap on the video you want, just select ‘share’ and it will appear on your friends screen.5.

Share videos from one person.

You can also post videos from a single person, but you’ll need to go into the channel’s profile settings.

Your videos will show up in the videos section of the profile page.

It will also show up on the ‘friends’ section.

To share from a group of people, select ‘all members’ on the profile screen.

This is the same as adding the ‘all’ option to the profile option, but with the ‘people’ option in the group of members option.


Share from the same device.

You may have multiple accounts for different devices and you may not want to worry about sharing a video to each of them as it won’t work on all of them if you share from multiple devices.


Hide a video in your profile page when you’re not looking at it.

This feature is only available to the users on the account that posted the video, so it won\’t work for users on other accounts.


Hide videos from the main screen.

When you are in a video you’ve uploaded to WhatsApp, WhatsApp will not show your videos on the main page of your profile and you won\’T be able, for example, to share a picture.


Add comments to a video.

You will also have the ability to add comments to your video.

You can add comments by using a combination of the ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner of your video and the ‘-‘ button on top of the video.

This will add a comment that you will be able reply to.

You may also use a combination to ‘-‘ the comment you want.

If this option is selected, you\’ll be asked to enter your comment in order for it to appear on the screen.

You\’ll also be able remove comments by hitting the ‘-” button on your video, or by clicking on the title bar at the bottom of your screen.

You should also be aware that if you remove a comment from your video you can’t remove it from WhatsApp.

If your video has more than a few comments, youll need to use a video commenting feature to remove them.

You will also need to be logged in with your WhatsApp credentials.


Hide photos from the profile.

When you have posted a photo, you don’t have to delete it.

It’s only visible to you if you click on the thumbnail of the photo in your timeline.

If the photo is shared in a public or private way, you won’t be able view it.