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When you get your hands on a pair of Apple Watch Series 3, you can buy them right now

When you get your hands on a pair of Apple Watch Series 3, you can buy them right now

When the first generation of the Apple Watch went on sale, it came with a slew of features that Apple could no longer match.

The first Apple Watch was a sleek, sleek device with an impressive array of sensors and displays.

But it lacked a smartwatch companion app, something that could have been an essential part of the experience.

Apple finally gave in to the pressure of the consumer market, and the Series 3 smartwatch is a product that’s now available to buy right now.

Apple Watch Edition The Series 3 is the first smartwatch Apple has made available as a separate purchase.

Unlike the first model, the Series 2 was made specifically for those who already owned the Series 1, and is available to preorder for $99.

Apple’s smartwatch will come with two versions, the new Series 3 and Series 3 Plus.

Both are made of plastic and can be worn on your wrist or clipped to your pocket.

The Series 2 Plus is the cheaper model and is made of glass and comes with a larger watch band that fits around your wrist.

Like the Series 4, this watch also comes with two modes.

The second mode lets you choose to turn on your watch when you get a call or notification, or when you press the side button to wake the watch.

You can also adjust the band to fit around your finger, allowing you to get more information while you’re wearing it.

You’ll have to spend $50 on the second generation, but the Series III and Series 4 are both priced slightly lower.

The new Apple Watch comes in both white and black colors, and comes in a variety of sizes from 18mm to 38mm.

The strap can be adjusted to fit on your fingers, and there’s also a magnetic band that attaches to the back of the watch in order to charge it.

There’s also an optional wireless charging system that’s available for $39.99.

The watch is available for preorder now, and Apple will be releasing the Series Series 3 in the second quarter of 2018.