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Dmart shares rise 5% after company reports record earnings, profit

Dmart shares rise 5% after company reports record earnings, profit

SHARP SALES MARKET SHARE: Dmart rose 5% to $1.30 in after-hours trading.

The company reported a record quarterly profit of $3.25 million, an increase of $600,000 from a year earlier.

Dmart posted a 3% rise in net income to $2.18 billion, an improvement of $2 million.

The profit was driven by higher sales of its popular line of tablets and smartwatches.

Daimler said it had $3 billion in revenue from its Mercedes-Benz division and had $1 billion in new investments in North America.

The German automaker said it sold 1.2 million cars in the first quarter.

The stock rose 5 cents to $34.90.

The Nasdaq composite index of stocks jumped more than 3% after the report.

Dassault SA, a French carmaker, was up 3.6% after posting a strong quarterly profit for its U.S. business.

The shares rose 4 cents to 49 euros.

The Paris-based company said it plans to cut about 1,500 jobs and spend about $3 million on the plant it has in Michigan, which will employ about 700 people.

The U.K.-based company, which makes a range of cars, said it expects to close its assembly plant in Birmingham, Alabama, by the end of this year.

The results are part of a rebound in sales of the brand-new Cadillac ATS sedan, which debuted earlier this year and has become a hit among U.s. luxury buyers.

The new model is sold in more than 50 countries.

The ATS is expected to make a bigger dent in sales in the U.k. next year than the older model, which was built in Europe.

DAPPLED: Daimlers’ Dassault said it has doubled its investment in the plant in Michigan.


(NYSE: DPD) is up 2.8% after reports that the French automaker will close its U,K.-built assembly plant at the end to build a new Daimles SUV.

The Daimels said it will sell its Dassault plant in North Wales, the U, of Wales.

D&M SA (NYSE : DM) fell 4.6%, after the retailer reported an increase in quarterly profit after posting an improvement in its fourth-quarter earnings.

DMG S.A. (NASDAQ: DMG) fell 3.3%, after reports of a sharp decline in sales.

The retailer said it was adding about 1 million vehicles this year, a 2% increase.

The global food retailer said the increase was driven mainly by the launch of its new Red Star Ultra fast food chain, which has been gaining popularity in China.


rose 4.1% after Daimls shares climbed as the company reported higher quarterly earnings.

The Italian-based retailer said its sales fell 4% in the three months ended June 30, but that it expects the figure to rise in the third quarter due to the success of its business.

DIMENSIONS ON THE TRADE BANK: The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 3.4% to 20,924.90, while the S&amp ;P 500 rose 0.3% to 2,890.20.

The dollar index was little changed at 94.60 yen.

The European Central Bank cut interest rates for the first time since March.

The euro rose to $0.9238 per euro.