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When the kids can play again

When the kids can play again

Posted February 13, 2020 12:02:58The children of Jacksons 12-year-old daughter Shannon and 11-year.

year son Glen have been back at home, after a three-month holiday.

They were last seen at the family’s home on the southern suburbs of Adelaide on November 14, leaving their six-year old daughter and three-year and six-month-old son with their grandparents.

“It’s just been a crazy few weeks,” Ms Gillard said.

“When you’re looking at the time, it’s just crazy.”

The kids are back in school, they’re on track, they’ve been to school, been out.

“We’ve had an opportunity to look at them.”

They’ve had a lot of fun.

“I’m very proud of them.”

The Jackson’s are the oldest siblings of Glen and Shannon Gillard, who both work at the ABC.

The pair have three children, two girls and two boys.

The Gillards’ two sons are 16 and 10 years old.

Ms Gillard says the kids are on track for a bright future.

“With all of their work ethic and their passion, it is a wonderful achievement,” she said.

The Jackson’s children are learning to use computers at school, and Ms Gillards says they are on the way to a computer lab in Adelaide.

“Their first year they’ll be in the computer lab,” she explained.

“And they’ve got to go to school on Saturday and we’ve got the computers here in the house, so they’re going to be working there.”

There’s no reason why they shouldn’t go to a school.

“Ms Gillards said they were hoping to reunite with their parents soon.

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