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Why did we have to talk about this in the first place?

MTV News’ Chris Rock asked, “Is it true that you’ve been on ‘The Real World’ and ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’?” The question was prompted by a question about whether he’s ever seen the series, and Maher responded, “I’ve been there.

I’ve been through the whole thing.”

Afterward, Rock said, “You can’t be on a show like that for six months, and you’ve still never heard of it.

And yet you’re going to say you’re on ‘Real World.'”

“You are,” Maher responded.

“But you’re not.”

“I’m not on ‘ROTW,'” Rock said.

“I think I should be.

I’m not sure.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you are not on the show.

And you know what?

You have a point.”

Maher then asked if it was true that he had never heard about the show, and the host responded, no.

“You should be on the network,” Rock said to Maher.

“It’s the best show on TV.

And the reason you can’t do it is because they have so many people that are so afraid of them.”

“The Real Time With …

Bill Maher” is produced by HBO, Warner Bros., and ABC Entertainment.

It was executive produced by George Lopez, Michael Richards, and Matt Lewis.