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The most interesting thing I learned in a 3 months of working with shar peis

The most interesting thing I learned in a 3 months of working with shar peis

This week’s episode of the Shoutcast is all about how shar peiris have changed the way I work with clients.

We were joined by the wonderful and hilarious Stephen Sharer, who is the creator of The Sharpe.

He shares how he’s been making an amazing product for the past few years, and how he got to be able to work with such a legendary talent.

Stephen shared how he first got into the business in 2009 and the story behind the story.

He explains that the Sharpe started as a product to get people to sharpen their nails, and it has grown into a professional tool that allows people to focus on their work.

Stephen also shares some of the things he’s learned along the way.

Stephen’s new product, The Sharper, is a laser and a clip sharpener that are designed to help people sharpen on their nails.

You can buy them on Amazon, or on the Sharper’s website.

Stephen also shared how they built a business around their technology and how they got their name.

The Sharples brand is a brand that started as an online store, which led to the Sharples trademark being registered by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

This means that you can use their product, like the Sharple, without having to register it with the USPTO.

Stephen explains that it’s all about the technology.

If you’re going to sharpe your nails, you need to make sure you’re using the right tools, and Stephen’s Sharples are the perfect choice for that.

They are designed for a range of applications, including making your nails thicker, or thinner, and also for making them easier to clip and sharpen.

Stephen talks about how they designed their laser and clip sharper so that they could make the technology work for both people and pets.

Stephen’s company has also developed a tool for people to get rid of their pets’ hair.

The Sharpe is available in a variety of different lengths and widths, and each one comes with different attachments.

You have the option of making a sharpe with a clip and a laser, as well as a sharper with a laser.

The clip is just a clip, which can be used to sharp a nail on the end of a hair clip, or you can sharpen your nails with a needle and a sharpen attachment.

Stephen explains that this is the perfect way to sharper your nails and the clip is designed to attach to a clip or nail.

Stephen says that the technology behind the Sharps technology is very different from anything he’s used before.

Sharpe was designed to allow people to do things that they had never done before.

He says that this was a big focus of the Sharpes development.

Stephen has a very simple message for people when they are looking to sharpthe first time.

The sharpe is just for fun.

People need to do it for fun and it’s not like you’re making a money-making business.

He tells people to look into the other side of the equation.

Sharing an excerpt from his book, The Art of the Product, Stephen shares a few of the challenges he faced while developing the Sharpthe technology.

He says that he wanted to make something that would be safe for the customer, but also something that could help sharpen the nail.

It’s a big step to make a tool that can sharp and clip a nail, but he also says that it was important to keep the design simple.

Stephen says that his aim was to make the tool that could sharpen and clip as much as possible, but that it should also be safe.

Shared a sample of the laser attachment that you might use for a sharping attachment, and another clip attachment that will help you sharpen a clip on the nail, Stephen explains how he decided on what attachments to use.

Showing off his laser attachment, Stephen says, “I think the way it looks and feels is a lot like a sharpening pen.

The laser is very sensitive to temperature and pressure, so it feels good on your finger.”

Sharing his clip attachment, he tells us, “When I was doing my first clip sharping, I was very impressed with the way the clip held my clip.

But when I started using the sharpe, I found that it just didn’t feel right.

So I started to look for other options, and eventually I settled on a laser attachment.

The first time I used the sharpen, I really liked it.

I felt like it was perfect for me.”

Stephen shares some more of the different attachments and the laser attachments, explaining how he chose which attachments to include.

He tells us that one of the main things he noticed was that it took a little bit of practice to sharps.

“It took a while to get used to using the laser, and then you really need to shar