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How to fix car crashes with a Google car app

How to fix car crashes with a Google car app

The app that lets you share your car with other people, so you can avoid them in an accident, has been accused of breaking the law.

The software maker has been criticised for making drivers wait for their cars to be repaired in order to share the app with other users. 

The company’s car sharing app Car Share is designed to let users share their cars with others, but it has been linked to a number of car accidents in recent months, including one in which a man died after he was hit by a car. 

As the company’s founder and CEO, Carsten Thomsen, recently told Business Insider, it’s a case of a user taking the right action for a particular situation and then not following through. 

“If someone wants to share a car with me, it would be nice to be able to share that car, but we have to take the right actions and we need to be honest about that,” he said. 

In December, a New York City man died from a head-on collision while sharing his car with a woman, who was a co-driver in the incident. 

After a series of reports and investigations, the company has come under fire for allowing drivers to wait hours in order for their vehicles to be serviced, leaving the driver without a car and unable to go home.

The New York Times reported that the incident occurred after a woman called Car Share and asked for the service to be switched to her account. 

Following an investigation, the New York Police Department found that the woman’s call was made by a “disgruntled customer”, and the company admitted that it “did not immediately notify the driver that his vehicle had been serviced”. 

In March, another woman was killed after being struck by a vehicle while sharing her car with an Uber driver. 

Uber has apologised for the incident, and the New Jersey Department of Transportation has also apologised to the woman, saying that the company “failed to promptly notify the operator of the condition of the vehicle that resulted in her death”.