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Which U.S. cities are getting the most starbucks?

Which U.S. cities are getting the most starbucks?

The Washington Post/Getty Images Starbucks stock was up about 7% on Friday, its biggest weekly gain since late March.

But the company’s shares fell sharply after it reported that its U.K. operations lost $7.9 billion last year.

Shares of other U.N. and international businesses also tumbled.

Starbucks is facing increasing scrutiny for its treatment of workers in the U.T.O., or United Food and Commercial Workers union.

That’s after a report this month from the United Food & Commercial Workers found that at least one of its U-Haul and delivery services workers were illegally fired for trying to unionize.

Starbucks has been under pressure to improve its labor practices.

Last week, the company fired two of its global workforce members over alleged union violations.

The company has been criticized for paying more than $100 million in back wages to union members, though it’s not clear how much of that was for back pay. 

Starbucks shares rose 0.4% Friday, and rose 0% on the day.